Position statements on prevocational employment and training in expanded settings

9 Jun 2015

The AMA has released a position statement advocating for a more coordinated approval for prevocational and vocational training.

The position statement on employment processes for prevocational trainees outlines a standardised application process for prevocational trainees, including uniform application opening and closing dates for each stage of training, a nationally standardised referee report, and transparent weighting for components of the application.

An increase in medical graduate numbers and a failure to plan for the future of our workforce has resulted in an increase in competition for prevocational and vocational training positions. The AMA has written to the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council, National Medical Training Advisory Network and jurisdictions calling for national leadership to introduce common standards for governance, coordination, timing and conduct of application, selection and appointment processes for prevocational positions. This would be similar to what already occurs for selection into the internship year.

The position statement on medical training in expanded settings 2012 – Revised \ updates existing policy and outlines the our position on medical education and training provided to medical students, prevocational and vocational trainees in private and community (expanded) settings. The teaching and training of medical students and doctors in training is a key part of sustaining the profession and delivering high quality patient care. Teaching and training promotes the sharing of ideas and knowledge and can benefit the recipient and teacher alike.

AMA Position Statement on Medical training in expanded settings 2012 – Revised 2015 (https://ama.com.au/position-statement/medical-training-expanded-settings-2015)

AMA Position Statement on Employment processes for prevocational trainees – 2015 (https://ama.com.au/position-statement/employment-processes-prevocational-trainees-2015