From the Chair

5 Nov 2014

Welcome to the November edition of e-DiT!

The AMA Council of Doctors in Training has been hard at work during the past month, with many issues requiring effective advocacy for the interests of DiTs.
Medical workforce planning is entering a new and uncertain phase, with many concerns arising regarding the effective continuation of the work of the former Health Workforce Australia. There is a real risk that essential planning expertise has been lost and that nationally coordinated medical workforce planning will stall. Read more in this month’s AusMed column.

The Commonwealth’s ambitious reforms of General Practice training, including reforms to the roles of the Colleges and the number and structure of Regional Training Providers, is continuing at speed. CDT continues to engage with the Department to ensure that trainees’ views are heard throughout this period of uncertainty.

The next two weeks will see members of CDT present abstracts at the annual Australia and New Zealand Medical Education and Training conference in the Hunter Valley, on topics including clinical photography, global health in vocational training, entry requirements for vocational training and the results of this year’s Specialist Trainee and GP Registrar surveys.

Keep an eye out in the next month for release of these survey results, as well as the launch of the AMA-MIIAA Guide to Clinical Images and the Use of Personal Mobile Devices.

See below for further information on CDT’s activities. If you’re passionate about an issue, be sure to find your state DiT committee representatives so that CDT can continue to work on the issues most important to DiTs!

Until next month,

Dr James A Churchill
Chair, AMA Council of Doctors in Training