E-Health Forum

31 Jan 2006

The AMA's leadership in E-Health was further demonstrated when it convened an E-Health Forum held on 7th and 8th December 2005 in Canberra. The AMA has been a major player and the key opinion leader on E-Health in Australia and this Forum represented a significant milestone in the development of medical profession, industry and consumer partnerships to progress the key issues. The aim of the Forum was to raise the level of debate on E-Health beyond specific projects, pilots, activities or specific standards to one that focused on connectivity as the foundation for progress on E-Health, how the agreed "vision" might or should be financed and health sector and industry partnerships as the wave of the future to make the connected clinician a reality.

This website provides access to an overview of each presentation, together with links to available powerpoint and audio for speakers including an audio of the discussion and debate following each of the sessions.

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Should you have any queries regarding the E-Health Forum contact Wendy Lorincz on 02 6270 5400.

Introduction and Welcome

Introduction - Dr Peter Garcia-Webb, Chair AMA Expert Advisory Committee on Information Technology
Welcome - Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, President, Australian Medical Association

Session 1: Expectations - the Vision for E-Health
Industry perspective: Mr Philip Bullock, CEO, IBM Australia
Medical profession perspective: Dr John Aloizos AM, GP member of the Australian Health Information Council
Consumer perspective: Ms Heather Grain, Lecturer in Health Informatics, LaTrobe University
Discussion and debate

Session 2: Behavioural Change as an Obstacle
Dr John Youngman
Professor Johanna Westbrook, Centre for Health Informatics, University of NSW
Discussion and debate

Session 3: The Hole in the Plan - Neglecting Provider and User Consultation
Industry perspective: Mr Tom Bowden, CEO, HealthLink Ltd Australia
Medical profession perspective: Professor Enrico Coiera, Centre for Health Informatics, University of NSW
Consumer perspective: Mr Martyn Goddard
Discussion and debate

Lessons from Australian Banking - Ms Leslie Martin, Executive General Manager, Commonwealth Bank

(DAY 2)
Minister for Health and Ageing, Mr Tony Abbott
- Communique delivered by Mr Ken Ticehurst

The Role of Government - debate facilitated by Dr Peter Garcia-Webb

Session 4: Connectivity as the Foundation
Professor Michael Georgeff, Professor Health & IT, Monash University
Dr Mark Parrish, IBM Australia
Discussion and debate

Session 5: The Patient Journey - Identifying the Gaps
Industry perspective: Mr Jeff Parker, independent consultant
Medical profession perspective: Dr Carmel Simpson, GP
Aged care perspective: Mr Francis Sullivan, CEO, Catholic Health
Discussion and debate

Session 6: Connected Clinicians - what do we need to fill the gaps?
Industry perspective: Dr Jeffrey Tobias, Cisco Systems
Medical profession perspective 1: Dr Andrew Siegmund, Goldfields Project
Medical profession perspective 2: Dr Philip Dubois, AMA Radiologist Craft Group
Discussion and debate

Session 7: Financing the Vision in Australia
Government perspective: Mr Philip Davies, Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing
Industry perspective: Mr Greg McAnulty, Microsoft Australia
Public health perspective: Dr Louisa Jorm, NSW Health
Discussion and debate

Session 8: Industry and Health Sector Partnerships
Industry perspective: Ms Vivien Rowland, Optus
Medical profession perspective: Dr Peter Garcia-Webb, AMA

Forum Wrap-up
Pulling in all together - Jill Maxwell, Forum Facilitator
Forum Close - Dr Mukesh Haikerwal